5 Minute Upper Body Workout (KILLER FINISHER)


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This upper body finisher workout is a quick and easy way to either get a short upper body dumbbell workout at home, or a great finisher for any upper body workout for women. This is the ideal upper body workout at home if you’re short on time and only have a set of dumbbells available. This is a killer pushup workout and it’s very challenging. If you need to you can do this pushup workout for women from your knees. However if you are able to do a complete pushup, challenge yourself and do this entire upper body workout at home from your toes.

For this at home upper body workout, you are going to do a reverse pyramid of one Renegade Row followed by 10 Pushups, then a Renegade Row plus 9 Pushups and on down until you get to a Renegade Row and 1 Pushup. If you are a beginner and you’re looking for a quick 5 minute upper body workout, do just 1 round of this home dumbbell workout. If you’re more advanced and you want a longer workout, you can do 2-3 rounds of this upper body dumbbell workout at home.
Here are the exercises that make up this womens upper body workout.

1) Renegade Row + 10 Pushups
2) Renegade Row + 9 Pushups
3) Renegade Row + 8 Pushups
4) Renegade Row + 7 Pushups
5) Renegade Row + 6 Pushups
6) Renegade Row + 5 Pushups
7) Renegade Row + 4 Pushups
8) Renegade Row + 3 Pushups
9) Renegade Row + 2 Pushups
10) Renegade Row + 1 Pushup

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